Caring For Your Carpet If You Have Pets in Your Home 

When you have a carpet flooring and own pets at home, it can be extremely challenging to keep your carpet looking clean and vibrant at all times. Generally, cats are much cleaner that dogs because most cats stay indoors. However, they are still able to spread and shed pet dander, which is why vacuuming regularly like twice a week is strongly recommended. Experts also advice carpet owners to have their carpet deeply cleaned by professional carpet cleaning services such as Torrance carpet cleaning at least twice to thrice a year so that the germs that have deep set to the roots of your carpet fibers will be eliminated, bringing back the glow and vibrancy of your carpet. It’s also best that you choose a medium tone kind of carpet that has a woven colors in order to help hide the dirt caused by your pet from showing.


No matter what kind of pet you own, it is never easy to get rid of your pet’s smell on your carpet. That is why we have gathered these tips to help you in keeping your carpet clean and fresh smelling even though you have a pet in your home.

1. Switch to Carpets that are Stain Resistant

If you are planning to buy a carpet or you already have one but planning to replace it, you can go with stain resistant carpet flooring. This kind of carpet is usually more expensive but it can certainly last for a long time compared to other types of carpet. Carpets that are resistant to stain already have a built in protective layer to its fibers. Therefore, there’s no need for you to practice scotch guarding since it can already withstand spills, vacuum, and steam cleaning without ruining its appearance.

2. Scotch Guard Non-Stain Resistant Carpets

If you own a carpet that is years old, it’s best that you have that carpet scotch guarded in order to put a protective guard on it. In addition to that, it has to be repeated regularly in order to help the fibers of the carpet maintain their natural structure as well as to prevent stains from occurring. Scotch guarding should also be done professionally in order to make sure that every fiber of your carpet is treated properly. Missing some certain spots by doing this process yourself can certainly cause stains to get under your treated carpet fibers. This can result to stains that are harder to get out since they have got past the scotch guard. Make sure that you hire a professional carpet cleaning service when you want to do this process to your carpet as they have the knowledge, expertise and skills on how to it appropriately in a fast and timely manner.

3. Cleaning Your Pet’s Urine

Pet urine is actually considered the hardest thing to get rid of when it comes to keeping your carpet clean. In order to prevent accidental urine spots on your carpet, you will have to remove it quickly. First, get several paper towels and with your shoes on, step on them first. This will actually help in pulling up your pet’s urine without spreading it. You should continue doing this until the paper towels are nearly dry. After that, make a mixture of one cup of water and one teaspoon of ammonia. Spray this solution on the affected area of your carpet and let it sit there for about five minutes. Next, use a stiff brush that is carpet-friendly and try to make small circular motions starting from the inside of the affected area outward. Lastly, use a dry/wet vacuum in order to tackle the rest of the spot. This quick method will prevent your pet’s urine from staining and if one properly, it can pull it all up from your carpet.

4. Always Make Sure the Nails of Your Pets are Regularly Trimmed

If your pet has long nails, chances are it can cause certain damages to your carpet. When your pet runs around, gets excited or scoots across your carpet, it can damage the fibers and strands of the material of your carpet. This can usually result to an unraveling effect, leaving spots on your carpet that are looking disheveled or bare, and even less fluffy spot that the rest of your carpet’s fibers. When trimming the nails of your pet, it’s also recommended that you use a nail file on them as it removes the rigidity that is left, leaving your pet a smooth finish nail. This can extremely help in protecting your carpet as well as hardwood floors.



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Benefits of Having Carpet Flooring at Home 

The advantages derived from choosing high quality carpets in any kind of application are basically manifold as to what type of flooring will match certain buyer preferences such as safety, cost reduction, sound insulation, underfoot comfort, easy to install, easy to clean, non-allergenic properties, good wear, beautiful design, and many more. In this article, we have listed some of the many benefits you can get from having a carpet flooring at home.

Carpet Flooring

1. Sound Insulation

As a matter of fact, noise pollution in house can give serious effect on the overall health and wellbeing of all the people living inside it and because of that, a well-fitted carpet really plays a very important role in eliminating impact noise through much better sound absorption. Since sound absorption in your house is enhanced when you use carpet flooring, the impact noise conduction can be reduced up to 30db, opposing smooth floor coverings comparative values that usually lay between 5 to 15dB.

2. Energy Saving

Carpet flooring can certainly give a great contribution in retaining the warmth in the room, enabling you to save energy since you do not have to put your heating system to its highest setting anymore. Since carpet flooring has low heat conduction as well as they are natural thermal insulations, they can be able to create a heat barrier. Because of that, as much as ten percent of the heat in the room that can be dissipated with a smooth floor covering is actually retained by the carpet in the room.

This benefit, combined with the outstanding comfort of a carpet can certainly result in energy consumption most especially during cold season. Research studies have shown that carpet flooring can let you save up to 30 days heating, which results in saving energy of around four to six percent as well as a consequent heating bill reduction.

3. Safety

The safety you receive when you choose to use carpet flooring actually has two aspects: 1) Reduced slippage, most especially when wet, and 2) decrease on joint stress – it is due to the carpet’s soft resilient fibers that providing an excellent orthopedic properties as well as cushioning effect.

The carpet’s safety feature is a very important factor to consider when you are planning to buy a new or replace your existing flooring, both in the workplace and at home. In particular, the elderly and infants can greatly benefit from the carpet’s non slip properties since if falling occurs, the carpet’s soft resilient fibers can be able to lower the risk of having any injury.

4. Health

Due to the superb dust trapping properties of carpets, they are conducive to a much healthier living environment. Dust can settle quickly and can be held securely by the fibers of the carpet flooring until it is vacuumed or deep cleaned again.

Because of the fibers of the carpet, the dust will not be disturbed by incoming air draughts anymore. This simply means that the indoor air’s dust content is kept low when you choose to have carpet flooring installed in your home. This is particularly vital since dust particles can also act as primary carriers for allergens, germs, as well as other air contaminants that can result to different illnesses.

While others say that carpets can give allergies, recent studies proved that it is a myth. According to experts, carpets can never cause dust mite allergies since these are highly attributable to the house dust mite feces, which is the actual allergen itself. Bed linen and bedding even contain up to seventy percent more house mites compared to carpets. Regular cleaning as well as vacuuming, together with dry and adequately ventilated rooms, simply means that it’s virtually impossible for carpets to entrap, contain, or even transmit allergens.

5. Cleaning and Maintenance

Regular maintenance as well as cleaning for your carpet is actually easy, quick and low cost. Experts suggest that you vacuum your carpet daily in order to prevent the dirt and stain from setting deeply to the fiber roots of your carpet. Aside from daily vacuuming, it is imperative that you have it deep cleaned at least twice to thrice a year by professional Torrance carpet cleaners since they know how to completely remove all the dirt and stain that have already been set deeply in the roots of your carpet fibers. They also have the right tools and equipment required to complete the job in the most professional, fast and proper manner. Professional carpet cleaners also know what certain products are best to use for your carpet, avoiding the ones that will not create negative effects on the overall appearance and quality of your carpet.



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